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A Few Important Points About Your Pet and House Cleaning Service

Have you found the right cleaning service for your home? You think you have asked all of the right questions. You are scheduled and cannot wait for the cleaners to arrive. But wait, what about your pet?

It isn’t that surprising that for many people, it just doesn’t occur to them to find out the policy from their new house cleaning service about handling pets.

Can Pets Stay Inside During an Absolute Domestics House Cleaning Service?

Video transcript:

When it comes to having a pet during a house cleaning service, we understand that pets are an integral part of a lot of households these days. We definitely want the pet to be as happy as you are when the cleaner comes to do your cleaning.

So just introduce your pet when the cleaner comes for their meet and greet. If they’re an inside pet, leave them inside. If they’re outside, leave them out, it’s up to you.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask about how your cleaning service deals with pets. In the same way that it benefits the customer to get to know their cleaner before they start to clean their home, it is equally beneficial for the cleaner to get to know the pet. They should be shown the proper procedure for keeping the pet inside, or to be told the house rules for whether they are allowed outside. Good communication ahead of time is key to comfort, good results and even safety for all parties involved; including those with four legs.

Are you and your pet ready to hire a great domestic cleaner for your home? Find out how you can get started here.

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