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A Few Impressive Facts About Absolute Domestics

There are few services that require as much customisation and personalised care as domestic cleaners. As a customer, you want to find someone who’s services are consistent and reliable, who has a reputation for excellence, and is not a flight by night business. Just as important, you want to be able to communicate with a real person when you need them.

You may run into a scheduling issue or have a problem that is unexpected. Nothing is more frustrating than not having a way to get in touch with house cleaners when crucial situations arise. We learned how the pros handle such things at Absolute Domestics, and found it encouraging to learn from an agency that seems to have all their bases covered.

Who is Absolute Domestics?

Video transcript:

My name is Heidi. I’m the Customer Experience Manager at Absolute Domestics. I’m pretty passionate about people. Absolute Domestics has been around since 1993, so we’re pretty productive and we know what we’re doing in our industry.

We wear two hats here at Absolute Domestics. We’re a recruitment and a referral agency. What that means is we take registered house cleaners, we train them and we give them the opportunity to work locally at the hours that suit them. We match them with clients who are busy working, family people who need time back on their weekends.

That juggling act can sometimes be pretty difficult. But what we aim to do is make sure that on all counts our clients are happy with the service that we provide. Absolute Domestics makes sure that when we train our cleaners we give them the experience that they need when they go to our clients to be able to reach their expectations every time.
Sometimes that doesn’t happen and that’s where my job comes in. As the Customer Experience Manager, I ensure that our clients are going to be happy and we can find a solution for them. We always believe that we can fix whatever it is that you may be unhappy with. You just need to let us know.

One of the benefits of going through Absolute Domestics is that we’re a call centre. It means at any time you can give us a call or you can send us an email. Or you can even let your cleaner know that you are unhappy with certain things that may be happening in your home. The cleaner can then let their team manager know.

It seems clear that a great domestic cleaning service is able to handle communication with clients and workers alike. Having a long track record of reliability in the field, high quality consistent training, wide-reaching recruitment, and strong emphasis on communication all help to make a cleaning service that is right for everyone.

We are definitely a cleaning service that is ready to listen to your needs, but if you want to find out more about us before you reach out, you can read more about us here.

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