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A Few Things That You Should Know About Absolute Domestic Cleaners

With all of the options available, it takes hard work and dedication for a domestic cleaner service to stand out among the crowd. Having established themselves as a unique service that strives for excellence, Absolute Domestics represents the highest standard in their field. It takes a full team of workers on location and behind the scenes to make certain that the results are satisfied customers, and domestic cleaners who are proud of the work that they do. Listen to the words of just one of these successful members of the Absolute Domestic team as they describe the company from within.

How Absolute Domestics Look After Their House Cleaners

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Andrea and I work at Absolute Domestics. I’ve been there now for approximately five years and I work with the most wonderful group of women. We’re a team of thirty-four customer service officers. There are approximately eighty of us who work in the office. That is ranging from the accounts team to the recruitment team, to the customer service team. We all wear different hats at Absolute Domestics. We do complaints management, we do the customer service side and we coordinate rosters.

It’s my job to liaise with the cleaners and the clients. It’s finding that fine line of making sure that we keep the cleaners and the clients happy. Something that really gives me satisfaction is when we do follow up calls which we do regularly with all of our clients. I hear the clients say, my cleaner has changed my life and I could not live without them.

Then I get the opportunity to call my Absolute Domestics cleaners and say, guess what this client has said about you? That makes me feel really proud because I get to see when the cleaners first come to Absolute Domestics when they’re first registered with us. You just watch them grow. You get to watch their confidence grow as well. I love it when they give me a call and they tell me about their day. I love being able to, as I said, give them that feedback and let them know what a wonderful job they’re doing.

It’s my favourite part when I say to them, at the end of a call, you’re doing a fantastic job.

There are different ways to measure success, but when this includes investing in the personal growth of employees, it speaks to a deeper quality of a business that cares about its workers. In the end, the financial bottom line will prove its worth with long term workers and customers who sense that everyone takes pride in the results of clean homes and happy customers.

If you are looking for a house cleaning service that is not only professional, but is dedicated to getting the very best out of their workers, read more about Absolute Domestics.

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