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The Truth About Absolute Domestics Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone to any successful business. No matter how great a product is, or how high the quality of service, if a company delivers poor customer service, that is likely to be the only thing the customer remembers. For a company like Absolute Domestics, customer service is a specialty that has been perfected.

Our Absolute Domestics Customer Service

Video transcript:

There is never a dull day at Absolute Domestics customer service. It’s always a very busy pace. The job is very rewarding. We’re helping people every day, we’re making lives easier, changing people’s lives.

The most rewarding thing is doing those follow up calls and hearing from clients how their lives have changed. We hear how they spend more time with their family and that they find it is amazing to have such a wonderfully clean home.

We had a client yesterday who wanted an urgent spring clean so we organized it at no notice. The cleaner came out and was absolutely fabulous. The client was over the moon and couldn’t believe her luck. She has booked us regularly now for a spring clean monthly.

It’s a very rewarding job for us because we know that we’re helping people every single day, people who have no time for family, they have no time for anything. We’re helping them get organised, we’re helping them have a clean home and helping them have a better life.

There is nothing like the feeling of coming home and all the housework is done, everything is ready to go. You can spend time with your family and life is just better. If someone said to me, I could never have a cleaner, I’d suggest to them, try us. Give it a go. Once you’ve got a cleaner, most people won’t look back and can’t live without them.

Beyond the quality of service coming from your domestic cleaner, nothing is more important than the customer service you experience from your cleaning agency. With Absolute Domestics, workers take great pride in building successful relationships with their customers. Every day is filled with wonderful challenges that they gladly turn into success stories. Nothing speaks better to a company than employees that are driven by hearing from happy customers.

If you are ready to get your home cleaned by a company that cares about its customers, call us on 0800663987.

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