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The Importance Of Cleaning Service Satisfaction

There is a lot that goes into providing truly excellent customer care in the house cleaning industry. As a home owner, you want to be pleased with the quality of service. You want the job done right, and you may not necessarily know how to communicate all of your needs. You want to feel comforted that you can trust cleaners who enter your home, and you want to feel confident that they have been trained to understand your needs.

Even under the best conditions, there are going to be times where a customer has a complaint. It is in these times where the true professionals rise to the top. It isn’t enough to be great at cleaning house. You also have to understand the customer, learn how to listen and communicate, and to ensure that the customer walks away happy, and feels that their concerns have been resolved.

Absolute Domestics Cleaning Service Satisfaction is Important

Video transcript:

One thing about Absolute Domestics is we’re passionate about our clients’ cleaning service satisfaction and ensuring our service delivery is always of a high standard. In doing so, if at any stage, any of our clients are unhappy we want to make sure that we are able to fix that for them.

How do we fix it? Well, we have a team of dedicated customer service officers who ensure that the cleaner we are sending you is not only trained but trustworthy and reliable. They also know what to do and what your expectations are within your home.

Sometimes though, as with all things, it may occur that you are not a hundred percent happy with your service. If you’re unhappy, please give us a call at any stage. What will happen is you’ll deal with a customer service operator who will be able to escalate that accordingly.

I myself am the customer experience manager here at Absolute Domestics. I take my job pretty seriously. What that means is if a client is unhappy, the call will usually come through to myself. At that stage, I’ll make sure I understand where we fell down in terms of our service delivery and make sure there is an outcome that suits both ourselves, our customer and our cleaner so we can rectify this for you.

If at any stage you are unhappy, we would love to hear from you. We truly believe that a complaint is a gift and we can fix whatever it is you are unhappy with.

Every positive and negative experience is a learning opportunity. A great cleaning service not only has an excellent training process and procedures to maximize good results, but also knows how to listen to customers when there is room for improvement. Customers appreciate a job well done. But, if there is anything to correct, they appreciate it even more when they feel like the service listened to their needs and responded.

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