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Can A Domestic Cleaning Service Handle Your Spring Cleaning Needs?

There are cleaning services that come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies are only geared towards daily cleaning needs, while others may be trained specifically for move-in ready or move-out ready cleanings. What if your needs change along with your schedule or yearly situation? Is there a house cleaning service that can adjust to you?

What to Expect From Our Domestic Cleaning Service

Video transcript:

Our cleaners at Absolute Domestics will work to your instructions, so it is really up to you what you want them to do within the time that you’ve allocated to them. Some of our clients just book a very basic two hour domestic cleaning service. That could just be to get your floors and your bathrooms under control. Or you might have a smaller unit and it only takes two hours. You can have a three, four, five, or six hour service. It’s your choice what you get them to do. We’re not one of those agencies that come in with a list of things that we can and can’t do. That’s not how we work. It’s up to you.

Absolute Domestics cleaners can clean your oven within your regular service. If you don’t have a regular service, you can call us for a spring clean. The spring cleaners really specialize in doing those bigger jobs like your oven. They are also trained to clean other appliances within your home. If the service takes a little bit longer, you just pay by the hour. Within that service you can get your walls done, your windows, a really good clean of the bathroom, that’s what a spring clean is designed for.

Fortunately, with Absolute Domestics, you can rely upon a single high quality agency to stay by your side through all of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning needs. Whether it is doing the dishes or a full Spring Clean, they are prepared to adjust to your requirements with competent, trained staff.

Do you need to get in touch with a professional cleaning service right away? Visit our services page for more information.

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