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How Did Absolute Domestics Start?

If you are going to use the services of a company potentially for years to come, you want to learn as much information about them as possible. Knowledge is power, they say, and one of the most important predictors of how well a company treats its customers is their past history.

When it comes to domestic cleaners, you don’t just want to use some overgrown agency that doesn’t care about its customers or its workers, and you don’t want to be treated like a number.

There is nothing better than those true success stories, and Absolute Domestics is one of those stories.

How Did Absolute Domestics Start?

Video transcript:

So how did Absolute Domestics start? Absolute Domestics was started by an amazing woman called Joy Vess. She turned her laundry into a little interviewing area. She put a couple of chairs in there and started interviewing cleaners from there!

There’s nothing that instills more confidence in a company than a successful past track record. With a single vision to provide jobs while helping busy working families and individuals with the housework, this goal continues to fuel its success to this day. It’s now turned into a major business registering thousands of cleaners across Australia and New Zealand. Joy and the team at Absolute Domestics are dedicated to providing a service you can rely on.

Are you ready to join the numerous happy clients that choose Absolute Domestics for their home cleaning service? Call 0800663987 and get in touch with us today.

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