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How You Can Benefit From A Professional Agency That Recruits House Cleaners

It is time for you to select a company to clean your home. There are so many choices, you hardly know where to begin. Is it best to find an individual by asking your friends for references? Or, would you be better off with a professional agency?

One of the benefits to selecting a cleaning agency is that they can perfect the recruitment process, which guarantees that you, the customer, get the absolute best service possible.

The Absolute Domestics Cleaners Recruitment Process

Video transcript:

We recruit house cleaners initially from phone screening. We then move to a face to face interview. From there we do reference checks, we do police checks and we do work history checks as well as identification checks. We then have a three day workshop which we put the cleaners through.

The three day workshop is a compulsory workshop for all of our cleaners. It covers all areas of cleaning. We teach them how to communicate best with you. We teach them how to make a bed, how to do hospital corners, how to iron a business shirt correctly. Even small details, we tell them how to clean a toaster and a kettle correctly.

To be registered as a cleaner with Absolute Domestics, it is a requirement that you attend the three day workshop. At the end of our workshop, all our domestic cleaners will be competent, ready to go into your home. They will be knowledgeable about different services, equipment, products and be able to do a great job in your home.

From the initial screening process to background checks and on-site training, a high quality domestic cleaning service can be your best chance to get a great service that you will enjoy for years to come.

If you are ready to find the perfect domestic cleaner, get started today. Get more information on our FAQ page.

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