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Getting To Know Your Domestic Cleaner

One of the questions that often comes up when someone is shopping for the right house cleaning service is whether there are different workers coming to their home each visit. Some people can be concerned about not knowing who is coming and going from their home.

Fortunately, some services place an emphasis on customer care to make sure you are not only pleased with the outcome, but also that you feel comfortable with the home cleaner that is assigned to you.

Will I Have the Same Domestic Cleaner?

Video transcript:

You can certainly have the same domestic cleaner if you book a regular service. Whether that be weekly or fortnightly, it would be the same cleaner coming to your home each time. If they’re ever off sick or perhaps on holidays, we would endeavour to find you a fill-in cleaner. If you needed a fill-in cleaner, the agency would arrange that for you and that way you have that peace of mind knowing the clean is still being done.

A real benefit of being able to come through the agency is having that support there that if your cleaner is ever sick or unwell or even on holidays, you’ve got someone there to arrange this for you.

Having the same cleaner each week or fortnight really helps in terms of them understanding what you need in your home and understanding what the requirements are. I guess it gives you peace of mind that you know the work is going to be done right the first time. Having a regular house cleaner will also ensure that you build a relationship with your cleaner. You know who is in your home and you know you’re comfortable with them which is what we really want to ensure when you come through an agency.

Choosing a domestic cleaning service is a sure way to make sure your place gets cleaned to a high standard. But, going through a service doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice getting to know who is cleaning your home. You can count on having the same person take care of your home long term so you know there will be a consistent high quality result.

Are you ready to find the right match for your house cleaning needs? Find out more about Absolute Domestics.

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