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What Types Of House Cleaning Services Are Available In Australia?

You have a busy life to live. Every day brings its unique challenges. You have to get some help cleaning around the house, but you don’t even know where to begin. What kind of services are available, and how often do they need to come to your home?

Frequency and Types of House Cleaning Services

Video transcript:

Some of the options that we provide for our clients that are desperately needing a housekeeper is you can have them once a week for four or five or six hours. You could have them twice a week, have them three times a week or, for those really busy people, you could have them every day for a few hours. They can come in every single day and clean up.

The types of house cleaning services that Absolute Domestics provides range from a regular cleaning service and can go to a housekeeping service. You can even have a spring clean and we have cleaners who specialise in move out cleans. So if you need to get your bond back, we can allocate that particular cleaner to you.

The cleaning service will cover your basic cleaning needs. That might be cleaning the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, a quick tidy of the kitchen and a quick dust. The housekeepers really specialise in looking after you. What that means is you can drop the kids off, go to work, come home and everything is done. All you cleaning, your washing, your ironing, folding, putting it all away and making the beds is all done. That really takes the pressure off our really busy clients.

The other options are your spring clean and your move out cleans. Our spring cleaners specialise in doing those bigger jobs.

Absolute Domestics is here to provide the services that you need. They are able to coordinate the number of weekly visits, the specific different cleaning projects, and even changes in scheduling that work best for your busy life. If you can communicate your needs, they can deliver the service with excellence.

Are you ready to get the help around the house that you have been waiting for? Contact Absolute Domestics on 0800663987 or find out more about us.

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